About Us


Catholic Daughters of the Americas was founded in 1903, is one of the largest women's organizations in the Americas. Founded in Utica, New York, it has its headquarters in New York City.


We provide our members with updated programs to serve the current needs of church and country. The programs cover a vast scope of activities beginning at the parish level and expanding into all concerns of today's church and society. The Daughters have Mary as our patron. We represent ourselves through Christian living.


A Catholic Daughter is active in Church & community, generous of time & talent, and so much more! We are made up of amazing group of multi-cultured, mixed ages, many talented women, all dedicated to serving our God & Church, with Mary, our blessed Mother as our Patroness. We need to reach out to more AMAZING women with the same dedication to these values.


























ACTIVE in Church &


MOTIVATED to become

                involved & offer


ADJUST to new situations

ZEALOUS, shows enthusiam

                & active interest

INSPIRED to work for the

                good of humanity


                community involvment

GENEROUS of time & talents


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